Vancouver and Lower Mainland Warehousing Services

At VK Delivery we are pleased to offer 2 warehouses combining to provide over 100,000 square feet of Long term, Short term, pick and pack and cross dock space available.

Long Or Short-Term Storage

We offer short-term and long-term storage to assist clients. Sometimes a client asks us to store cargo for a certain period of time before shipping it to its final destination.


We also perform distribution services through our modern warehouse. For example, a retailer can depend upon VK Delivery to pick up a shipment and distribute freight to multiple locations.

Pick And Pack Services

VK Delivery also offers Pick And Pack Services. During the supply chain process, a shipper may require the disassembly of a package, so that several items can be taken out and re-packaged for shipment to multiple destinations with attached shipping labels. We assist companies distributing goods by offering Pick And Pack.


VK Delivery also offers cross-docking. This service enables a client to ship using the most cost-effective form of transportation.

For example, we’ll collect freight from an airport, a port, a railway station or a bus terminal and send the package by a different means to its intended destination. We can also accept a large shipment and route it to multiple destinations using a variety of different transportation methods.

Cross-docking helps streamline distribution systems for clients. Some potential advantages of this service include:

Cross-docking may reduce storage time within the distribution system

Clients often save significant warehousing costs

Shipments will rech an intended destination much faster

Clients take advantage of the best shipping router for a particular destination

Picking Up Containers From The Port

Our versatile shipping fleet permits us to pick up containers shipped to Western Canada or Washington State. We’ll help you prevent inventory from sitting idle when you need prompt delivery services.


VK Delivery also supplies de-stuffing services. Some international shippers send containers without pallets in order to include more inventory inside. We can de-stuff packages shipped to our facility and re-ship them on pallets to assist your distribution needs under certain circumstances.

The de-stuffing process requires a high level of organization and logistics support. VK Delivery’s de-stuffing services especially assist clients who require cross-docking services, also.

To inquire further about our services, call us at (604) 521-7191. We will gladly assist you in finding solutions to your shipping needs.