Vancouver and Lower Mainland Logistics Services

Logistics involves arranging for the best, most cost-effective means of transporting goods from one place to another. This is a field in which VK Delivery & Logistics excels.

VK 24/7 Logistics Solutions was started as a way to ensure we don’t say no to the customers that have made us successful. There is nothing worse than when you are doing a great job for a customer and they say “I wish you went here!”

Simply put we were tired of hearing that.

We used our proven success method of great customer service and hard work and have built up a carrier base so that the great service our clients have come to expect can be extended to all of their freight. We have the ability to ship anything anywhere.

Negotiating Freight Rates

We’ll assist you by working on your behalf to find the best way to ship your items. This service sometimes enables clients to take advantage of “economies of scale” to obtain lower rates. No matter what, we’re going to get your shipment where it’s going fast and at the best rate possible.

In 2016, Port Metro Vancouver traded some $214 billion in goods. This high volume may prove daunting to individuals seeking shipping services. We’ll help you negotiate freight rates, import duties, and countless other hurdles with confidence.

We also carry a TIA bond to protect our Customers and our Carriers, to ensure that when you are using our services you are making the best decision for your company.

Why Our Logistics Services Benefit Clients

The range of vehicle sizes and models maintained by VK Delivery provide flexibility. We accommodate most types of freight, whether large or small in volume.

This variety ensures that we’ll supply the most cost-effective means of delivering your packages. We support both small and large shipment volumes. Our fleet also handles awkwardly-sized or bulky packages.

You obtain the best shipping price

You receive fast service

You enjoy reliable support

You keep all your hair because nothing goes wrong

To inquire further about our services, call us at (604) 521-7191. We will gladly assist you in finding solutions to your shipping needs.