Vancouver and Lower Mainland Delivery Services

Moving shipments around the lower mainland and Vancouver is what built VK Delivery. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver big or small freight, expedited or standard service while ensuring rates are both reasonable and fair. We can fit your freight regardless of the size in one of our great clean trucks.

Our fleet includes:

10 Tractors

5 Fifty-Three Foot Refrigerated Trailers

1 Forty-Eight Foot Flat Deck Trailer

5 One-Ton Trucks

10 Five-Ton Trucks

With this equipment we offer 3 types of On-Time service

Same Day



Delivery within BC, Alberta and Washington State

VK Delivery allows you to specify the necessary speed of delivery you need to ensure the success of your business. Our asset service also extends to Squamish, Whistler, Kelowna, Kamloops as well as Vancouver Island. If you have freight that needs to be delivered farther, we offer a 3rd party Logistics service to ensure we can move your freight regardless of the Address where it is picking up or going to.

To inquire further about our services, call us at (604) 521-7191. We will gladly assist you in finding solutions to your shipping needs.